Biyetimi Multifunctional USB Flash Drive otg 2.0 pendrive 64gb

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P.S. It needs to be used on the phones that support OTG function

we will send the aliexpress saver shipping for the country which order is less than 5 dollors instead of aliexpress standard shipping

Multiple Colors Available

Specifications : Read Speed: 8MB -15MB/second Write Speed: 4MB -6MB/second ● USB 2.0 interface for higher speed and higher stability ● 2-in-1 design with micro-USB and USB 2.0 connectors ● Easy data transfer between computers, tablets and smart phones ● Compatible with most Android smart phones and tablets OTG functionality ● Portable, lightweight, premium metal swivel cap to protect the connectors ● Preloaded document viewing software for all major file formats Just plug and play, ready for file management About Capacity : Due to different ways of computing, or the existing bad block, or some built-in software , the memory capacity of the usb flash drive may show less on the PC . And the more capacity is, the more deviation is. Storage Industry Area calculation method: 1GB=1000MB=1000*1000KB=1000*1000*1000B Operation System calculation method: 1GB=1024MB=1024*1024KB=1024*1024*1024B So 1GB storage in OS shows as: (1000^3)/(1024^3)≈0.93GB 8G=approx 7.4G 16G=approx 14.6G 32G=approx 29.1G 64G=approx 57.0G 128G=approx 118.0G Customer Logo : 1.Order over 50 PCS,no printing fee required 2.Order more than 10PCS , less than 50 pcs , we charge $1 printing fee. 3.It should be noted that our logo is laser printed and has no color. If you need a custom logo, please contact our customer service. Note : 1. To avoid data loss or mechanical damage, do not turn off the computer power during transmission. 2. Do not remove the USB flash drive during use, otherwise data may be lost. 3. After using a USB flash drive, it is best to safely eject the USB flash drive on your computer, which will help to extend its storage life. 4. Please use FAT32 or exFAT to format the memory disk. Please do not format your USB flash drive frequently, otherwise the USB will be damaged easily. Package included : 1 x USB flash drive,1 x Key ring

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